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Welcome to the Sarasota Bay Parrot Head Club!
Message from the President

Join us at one of our monthly meetings.  We are a not-for-profit social organization and share a common bond through the music and lifestyle of Jimmy Buffett while raising money for charitable causes.  We meet the last Thursday of every month at 6PM at
19 E Rd
Sarasota, Fl 34240


Hello SBPHC!

Music On The Bay had the best turnout ever this year. All the bands were great and the weather was perfect. We would love to hear from new members and what they thought of MOTB. Thanks to everyone who sent photos to Mary McClure; many of these pics made it to the front page.
I would like to talk about one event that is coming up May 5th. Mote Marine invites volunteers to participate in their annual Seagrass Survey. I remember many of our members coming up to me asking about this event when I've worn the shirt. Sign up here to join me and other Parrot Heads participating in this great event. One of the key things about being a Parrot Head is that we take part in environmental activities including cleeeeeeeeeaning the beaches. I can promise that you will love this event. You really learn a lot about the different seagrass and creatures that live in our bay. When I'm out on a boat, I do more than just drink beer. I can now identify the different types of sea grass! So I hope to see A LOT of Parrot Heads signing up for this event. When you sign up, please remember to put the Sarasota Bay Parrot Head Club under company/organization.
Don't forget we have elections coming up at the June social at Stottlemyer's for President and Secretary and 4 general board seats. If you would like to run please let us know or send in your bio to Lucie before June 12th by 11:59pm.
Don't forget to check the website, Facebook, and our award-winning newsletter for all events coming up. Of course if you have any questions or comments please email me at
SBPHC...What time is it?
It's time for a team drink!

Mike Fontaine, President