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Welcome to the Sarasota Bay Parrot Head Club!
Message from the President

Join us at one of our monthly meetings.  We are a not-for-profit social organization and share a common bond through the music and lifestyle of Jimmy Buffett while raising money for charitable causes.  We meet the last Thursday of every month at 6PM at
The Eagles on Beneva rd., 501 N Beneva Rd # 636, Sarasota, FL 34232


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Mike Fontaine

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I just wanted to talk a little bit about helping our fellow Parrot Heads out up in the hurricane areas. It was very sad to see the devastation that hurricane Michael left behind. I have been receiving many emails through PHIP about what they could use up there. Here are some of the items they need:
Non perishable foods, toiletries, cleaning supplies (brooms, mops, bleach, gloves, etc). Debris removal items - heavy gloves, shovels, chainsaws, tarps. Pet foods, coolers, 5 gal. gas cans. Clothing items are NOT needed at this time. I am still waiting on where to send these items and I will update everyone when I get the information.

A note from the President of the Panama City Parrot Head Club: If you are a person with a chainsaw, backhoe, experience doing cleanup work or putting tarps on people's roofs, please reply to me personally at
There are many organizations accepting monetary donations right now that will help also. It doesn't matter if it's $2 dollars or $200, it all helps.
We still have plenty coming up in the last 2 months of this year. The Alzheimer's Walk is November 17th. The Christmas party is December 2nd. Both great events.

Don't forget to check Facebook, our website, newsletter and the 5 O'clock Update for all the info on this great club. If you are not getting emails from the club please get with one of the bored members and we will look into it.